descriptionDebXO creation script
ownerAndres Salomon
last changeTue, 15 May 2012 09:30:32 +0000 (02:30 -0700)
2012-05-15 Andres Salomoninstaller: fill in inst.fth's backup size check master
2012-05-15 Andres Salomoninstaller: verify install target
2012-05-11 Andres Salomoninstaller: add an XO installer (written in forth)
2012-04-11 Andres Salomondebxo: drop vestigial custom kernel packages
2012-04-05 Andres Salomondebxo: add kbdshim to the builds
2012-04-05 Andres Salomondebxo: switch over to using 3.2 kernels from squeeze...
2012-01-25 Andres Salomondebxo: update UBIFS-related stuff for generic kernels
2011-07-22 Andres Salomondebxo: s/
2011-07-22 Cortland SetlowREADME.approx: update documentation
2011-06-19 Andres Salomondebxo: drop gnome ubifs images
2011-06-19 Andres Salomondebxo: remove old jffs2 configs
2010-12-10 Andres Salomondebxo: make ext3 root partition even larger
2010-12-10 Andres Salomonmkext3: fix sparse image creation
2010-12-10 Andres Salomondebxo: expand ext3 root partition size
2010-12-10 Andres Salomondebxo: update kernel to 2.6.37-rc4+ v0.6
2010-12-10 Andres Salomondebxo-sugar: update packages for squeeze
10 years ago v0.6 I like maxims that don't encourage...
12 years ago v0.5 Oh c'mon. Years from now, think...
12 years ago v0.4 Nobody recognizes my hints to smoth...
12 years ago v0.3 Couldn't I be sedated for this?!
13 years ago v0.2 What's the point of wearing your...
13 years ago v0.1 Zounds! The ol' battleship is...
9 years ago master
12 years ago quozl